As this year's festival opener, singer/songwriter Céline Cormier will awaken, soothe and surprise you with her soulful yet gritty melodies and simple emotive acoustic guitar style. 

With an impressive vocal range from the just beneath the rare Contralto to the top notes of Sopranino, Céline takes on an emotional journey when rolling deep into warm velvety tones, delivering solid tempos, exposing vulnerable sensuality, or journeying to bird song highs and outright cries of the wild.

Feeling more and more the desire to explore new musical genres and expand if not release new songwriting directions and serving her ongoing desire for reinvention, Céline continues to write and compose in various genres including pop, hiphop, funk, soul and rhythm & blues, and is excited about her new beginnings in creating digital music tracks and beats, in an attempt to “get all this music out of my head and into the world!”