Conor Gains is a shooting star on the Blues horizon. “Blues” in Gains’ world is not only a music form in and of itself but also continues to be a springboard for his excursions into related idioms.

Sensing that there are two kinds of music – in his words “good music and bad music” – his perspective is that Blues is to be celebrated by stretching the boundaries providing appeal for Blues lovers and non-Blues lovers alike. For proof check out his two releases to date; The Junction Sessions and Run Away With The Night.

All of this sounds like the wisdom of a seasoned performer. And Gains fits that bill as a 22 year old if you consider that he started playing guitar when he was 8 years old, played with the renowned Les Paul at the age of 15, and headlined The Montreal Jazz Festival at 17. Recent additions to these accomplishments include winning the 2014 Toronto Blues Society Talent Search, competing in the Memphis International Blues Competition, and a head turning showcase at the 2015 Blues Summit. The showcase in particular was notable in that the performance realigned audience perceptions. No longer fronting a trio where he dominated the leads, the Conor Gains Band line-up was expanded to include a second guitar and keys. And the Blues only format was now a genre defying mix of the brashness of the Stones’ “Exile On Main Street” period coupled with a funky New Orleans groove.