You can rely on these local boys grynstone to deliver classic jams, impressive vocals and great picking!

Grynstone was formed in 1970 and featured Rolly Cote, Dave Warrell and three other musicians. The original name was Grynstone Gravy as they were looking for a name that would encompass the idea of hard rock along with smooth ballads similar to Iron Butterfly and Led Zeppelin. Common sense prevailed however and the Gravy was soon dropped. The band became very popular through the seventies but with Rolly's job related move to Sudbury the group broke up. Dave joined Leon Levebvre in Claybelt for about seven years. Following Rolly's return to Iroquois Falls, the band was reformed . There have been many musicians in Grynstone but the common thread remains Rolly and Dave. The addition of Ray Burns and his experience on the Toronto music scene took the band to new heights and now Denis Labreche, who everyone in Iroquois Falls knows, has added the final piece to their history. Denis also brings his brother Ray into the mix to provide that necessary steady beat.   

Grynstone: Ray Burns, Denis Labreche,,Yvon Charrette, Rolly Coté and ,Dave Warrell,.