A Message to All Artists

Thank you for your inquiry into the 2018 Porquis Rock ‘n Blues Festival.  2017 was a trying year.  Attendance was down, and Provincial funding was no where to be found.  Other music festivals have popped up in our backyard offering lineups that we cannot compete with. 

In an effort to see the festival survive there are many big changes coming.  After 20 years the committee feels that the blues market has been fully saturated in Northern Ontario.  We have tried format changes, marketing changes, changes to the festival set-up and organization, changes to the alcohol and food selection and all to no avail.  We have decided now to try a change in genre and to relocate the festival from the 2nd weekend in July to the 4th weekend in August (24th, 25 & 26) in a final effort to revitalize the festival.  Recognizing evolving a 20 year old festival from Rock/Blues/Jazz to Country/Folk/Bluegrass presents its own set of new challenges the 2018 festival is contingent upon receipt of ample Provincial funding, which will not be announced until late February/early March of 2018.  In the interim the committee is meeting regularly and planning as if the festival is to happen, but prepared to ‘hit the pause button’ if the funding does not come to fruition. 

For you the artist/agent this means that performance contracts will not be negotiated until late winter/early spring 2018.  If you are still interested in playing the 2018 festival please visit us after March 1, 2018 to offer your submissions.


Colin Kennedy, Artistic Director
for the Porquis Rock N Blues Festival Committee



31 Edward Street
Porquis Junction, ON