Screeched Inn is the definition of what you'd expect from a down home, east coast kitchen party. Upbeat, high energy folk-based music, tightly performed in beautiful three part harmony.

Make no mistake, they dress the part, too. Kilts, ear to ear grins, and a balance of wardrobe perfectly appropriate to the nature of the event. Heck, if the venue is licensed, they'll even bring the rum for an official Screech-in Ceremony!!

Who are they, you ask? Greg Barry on acoustic guitar and vocals. Dan Speck on drums and vocals. Thom Speck on acoustic bass and vocals. Yep. They all sing lead, they all sing backup. They're not bad looking either. And they've shared the stage with the likes of 5440, Matt Dusk, Little Richard, Tom Cochrane and Jay Leno, just to name a few.

Collectively, this band packs 50+ years of performing experience into its membership. And that's BEFORE they add a fiddle or mandolin player into the mix if you'd like. 2 diplomas and a degree in music theatre performance. Film, television, radio, voiceovers, major league sports anthems, jingles/advertising, theatre, arenas and improvisational comedy. All this contributes to an interactive musical experience for an audience of any age.

The music is infectious. The performers are charming. Screeched Inn is ready to deliver a great time.